Sunday, December 10, 2023

About VozWire

Our Mission Statement

Clarity among the noise. Giving a voice to meaningful thought.

Why VozWire Exists

VozWire started because of an idea and a need. Currently, there is a distinct gap in communication between media and the general public. Journals, as a whole, do a fantastic job reporting the news. However, there’s nothing that really connects the writers, the readers, and those that want a voice among the overall dissonance. This is where VozWire steps in.

The Connection
The communication gap is also a connection gap. Currently and in the past, writers simply write their articles, readers read them, and that is the end of the knowledge transaction. At VozWire, we give you that same experience if that is what you so desire, but we also go beyond typical writer-to-reader content. If you want to truly connect with the journalists, have meaningful conversation with key thought leaders and your peers, then this is where you want to be.

VozWire uses a system within each article that gives readers the ability to interact with authors and/or peers about articles in real time.

Now you may be thinking, “But wait, isn’t that just a comments section?” And your question wouldn’t be all that wrong. Many content driven publications have either turned commenting off or they don’t have a way to have a meaningful conversation on their platforms. VozWire enables writers to engage with their audience beyond simple one line responses. Anyone and everyone can agree, disagree, question, and have meaningful, thought provoking conversation with those reporting the news or expressing opinions.

No one else bridges this gap between readers and writers affectively, so we are proud to give you that ability.

Real News
Today, news has never been called into question more. Each and every article on VozWire is the height of integrity and research. This is not another in-it-for-the-revenue venture you’ve seen pop up online over and over for the past decade. We truly value content above all else. And that content must be accurate, true, and virtuous.

All sources, opinion or otherwise, will be from respected journalists who we believe to be the pinnacles and pillars of journalistic integrity.

Long Form Content
Brevity is bogus. There, we said it. Short form content of just a few hundreds words or less cannot tell an appropriate story. This ties directly back to what we stated above. In order to tell a compelling story, with rich data and research, longer and more meaningful articles are the best way to do this. These articles aren’t for someone looking for a sound bite. Our articles are for people who want to get the most information, the most engagement, and the most education about what they read. Otherwise, what’s the point? Anything less is nothing more than poorly thought out and misguided musings. That’s not what VozWire is about.

The Meaning
Finally, what does VozWire mean? Literally translated, “voz” means voice in Spanish. We all know what “wire” means, but there’s another definition that rings true with our ethos: a telegram. Thus, VozWire, or voice wire, shows that voices should be shared with everyone and we want to give voice to those that truly want to share theirs.

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